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Harissa Pepper Spread

Harissa Pepper Spread

North African stimulation.

I‘ll be clear up front on this one. Harissa is hot. If you don’t like spicy food you can probably move on. But if you do, well, you’re on to something special.

Harissa is a spread of dried chiles, garlic, tomatoes, caraway and coriander and extra-virgin olive oil. Harissa and heat have apparently gone together in Tunisia in more ways than one for a long time. “As with chocolate,” Majid Mahjoub, the maker, explained, “harissa was a temptation product. It was a symbol of virility for Tunisian men.”

Aphrodisiac properties aside, you can get busy in the kitchen mixing harissa with eggs, with potatoes, with couscous or whipped into a fresh vinaigrette for salads. Goes great on grilled meats too.


Harissa Pepper Spread

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