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Fresh Cream Cheese

Fresh Cream Cheese

Made like it was 100 years ago.

To be honest, there's really nothing "fancy" at all about this cream cheese. No secret ingredients, no secret recipe, nothing hidden. Like breads from Zingerman's Bakehouse or good cheese from any of the dozens of tradition-minded farms we buy from, Zingerman's Creamery is going back to doing things the way they were done ages ago. We've willingly traded off cost and efficiency to get fuller flavor and support a return to traditional techniques.

So what about doing it the old way makes it taste so good?

Besides having hands-on passion and expertise from its makers at Zingerman's Creamery, our cream cheese is hand ladled, which protects the cream cheese's delicate texture. And because there are no added vegetable gums, preservatives, artificial additives or sweeteners, the flavor is way better…more direct. You'll find it's softer, lighter, fresher tasting than any cream cheese you've ever tried.

Don't just limit this great stuff to bagels. Mix a spoonful into pasta tomato sauces. Top toasted Farm Bread with a dollop then pour on extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of sea salt and Tellicherry pepper.

First-place winner at the American Cheese Society awards.

"Paired with smoked salmon or—even better—smoked trout, it enters the realm of an Astaire-Rogers pas de deux."
Lennie Bennett, St. Petersburg Times

"Cream of the cream cheese crop."
Cook's Illustrated


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Fresh Cream Cheese

C-ZCC 6 oz tub
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