Onsa's Olive Oil

Onsa's Olive Oil

With love (and flavor) from Tunisia.

We’ve been selling oil from Majid Mahjoub—our source for couscous, harissa, and a slew of outstanding foods from Tunisia—for a few years now. But brand new to our shelves is Onsa’s extra virgin olive oil, named for Majid’s wife Onsa.

It’s made from unique-to-Tunisia chetoui olives. In a small section of Majid’s organic orchard, the olives are allowed to remain on the tree a bit longer before harvesting. Harvesting the olives when they’re more mature lends a softer, sweeter quality to the oil, though it’s still got a healthy, bitter, peppery kick.

Exclusive for Zingerman's.

Extra virgin olive oil
Chetoui olives
Smooth and assertive flavors

The 2021 harvest has a fresh green aroma. The flavor is primarily green olives with a mild sweetness at the start, and then it grows into a strong grassy bitterness.

Onsa's Olive Oil

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