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Bunny Flop Easter Cake

Bunny Flop Easter Cake

Reserve now. Bunny flop.

Fondant frosting makes a gorgeous cake. It shapes like potter’s clay and holds color like a fresco. All those tilting, day-glo cakes you see that are so alluring—all fondant. Unfortunately, most of the cake’s engineering stops at decoration. The meat of the cake, so to speak, is bland and pointless.

Our popular carrot cake—loads of carrots, toasted walnuts and more—has a handmade vanilla fondant frosting, decked out with a clumsy bunny. 

"I consider myself a carrot cake connoisseur, and this is one of the best I’ve ever had."
Jennifer, Chicago, IL

Each cake is made and decorated by hand. Quantities limited. Ships frozen, arrives cool, keep refrigerated.

Bunny Flop Easter Cake

A-EAS 2.25 lbs, six inch diameter, serves 6-10
Returning February 2021