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Passover Sweets Gift Box

Passover Sweets Gift Box

No leavening, no problem.

During Passover, avoiding leavened grains can mean cutting out all sorts of foods for a week: breads, pastries, oatmeal, even beer and liquor. But it doesn’t mean cutting out all deliciousness.
Just for Passover, we’ve assembled a slew of our favorite unleavened baked goods and sweet treats. We fill our colorful, cartooned gift box with a Chocolate Orange Passover Torte, a dozen Coconut Macaroons (half vanilla, half chocolate), a bag of Pignoli Pine Nut Cookies, and a box of Chocolate Toffee Matzo Clusters.
Baked goods are wheat-free, but not Kosher.

Passover Sweets Gift Box

G-PSV Serves 8-10 for one event, or 1-2 for all of Passover
Returning March 2022

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