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Vollkornbrot Loaf

Traditional wheat-free German bread.

When the Bakehouse first unleashed the Vollkornbrot, the response was surprising. We had high hopes, of course, that this very traditional, very dense and chewy German bread would find an audience, but we had no idea it would gather such a quick following.

Some folks tried it out of curiosity. Some were drawn to the fact that it’s wheat free, and then there were the transplanted Germans who longed for a bread as good as those they left behind. Made from rye meal, rye flour, sunflower seeds, sea salt, yeast and rye sour, the Vollkornbrot is chewy, malty and really delicious. Spread on some Cream Cheese or top it with a slice of really great cheddar and a slather of German beer mustard for a tasty lunch.

Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

In the continuing pursuit of local flavor, Zingerman's Bakehouse has upgraded the rye flour used in this bread. The rye is grown at Moore Seed Farm in Elsie, MI and milled at Purity Foods in Okemos, MI.

Vollkornbrot Loaf

B-VOL 2 lb loaf
ships 2 business days

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