Zingerman's First Cut Lean Pastrami

Corned beef's spicy cousin.

Pastrami is the rich, spicy cousin to corned beef. The fatty navel cut is brined cured with a load of spices like black pepper and clove. Usually the next step is to smoke it, but our pastrami is cured without being smoked, highlighting the deep beefy flavors paired with the barely-spicy pepper.

Here in Ann Arbor, our customers voted our pastrami laden Binny's Brooklyn Reuben as our best sandwich. You can judge for yourself by ordering our Sandwich Kit, which comes with all the fixins. Or just get a pound of pastrami, a loaf of pumpernickel, a jar of mustard and keep it simple.

Note that pastrami, a different cut of the cow than corned beef brisket, is usually fattier and a little chewier.

Ships frozen.

Zingerman's First Cut Lean Pastrami

M-PAS 1 lb sliced
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