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Chile Cheddar Bread

Spicy and savory.

I love this bread. It's delicious and dangerously close to addictive. Softly spicy, fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles and cheddar cheese from Cabot Creamery are blended into our Bakehouse’s tangy Farm Bread base, made with organic flour.

Great as an accompaniment to dinner. Even better on its own. It’s especially mind numbing if you give it about twenty minutes in a 325-degree oven before you break it open, so it’s nice and steamy when you crack the crust.

Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

This fall, we lost our regular supply for the green Hatch chiles that we use in this bread. Until we can find a new source for them, we're not able to bake it. We're sorry for any disappointment—but while we await its return, maybe a loaf of Parmesan Pepper Bread will do the trick?

Chile Cheddar Bread

B-CHI 1.25 lb loaf
Returning on or before December 7
ships 2 business days

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