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Thanksgiving Weekender Gift Box

Thanksgiving Weekender Gift Box

The All-American weekender.

The Weekender has long been our most popular gift box. Stuffed with crowd-pleasing foods that are ready to eat straight away with no special prep, it fits all manner of occasions.

Now, just for Thanksgiving, we’ve taken our classic Weekender and added in a few goodies to round out the big meal. Our colorful, cartooned gift box comes stuffed with a loaf of Roadhouse Bread, a half pound each of our Nor’easter Cabot Cheddar and Marieke Gouda, a couple of Brownies (no-nut Black Magic Brownie and a Caramel Dulce de Leche Buenos Aires Brownie), Holy Cow Beef Sticks, Rosemary Maple Almonds, Zingerman’s Peanut Brittle, a nosher-sized version of our extremely popular, extremely good Sour Cream Coffee Cake, a mini Pecan Pie, and a jar of Pumpkin Maple Caramel Sauce.

Thanksgiving Weekender Gift Box

G-TWE Serves 10-12 for one event, or 1-2 for days and days of feasting
Original Price Current Price $175
Returning October 2022

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