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Savignola Paolina Olive Oil

Savignola Paolina Olive Oil

The silky, sexy oil from Tuscany.

Everyone forgets the name of this extra virgin olive oil. It’s long and nearly unpronounceable. Luckily, it has an alias that no one can forget: "the silky, sexy oil from Tuscany." We couldn’t have given it a more accurate moniker. Savignola Paolina olive oil is unfiltered, giving it a thick, creamy, buttery texture.

When I tasted it in Tuscany not long ago, it reminded me of being in my own kitchen, where I regularly use it. Carlo Fabri makes only 500 bottles a year, and all his olives are picked and pressed in a three-day family affair in early November. He sends almost his entire production to us. The tall, elegant, black bottle is as sexy as the oil within. Outstanding.

The 2019 harvest is luxuriously thick and buttery. The flavor is full of fresh green vegetables and grass, along with a warming pepper note that creates a lovely balance.

Savignola Paolina Olive Oil

O-SAV 500 ml
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