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The Weekender Gift Box

The Weekender Gift Box

Our most popular gift box.

This is a great all-purpose gift, built from foods the recipient can snack on right out of the box. Whatever the occasion, folks will dig right in.

The Weekender is hand-assembled in our cartooned gift box with a loaf of Zingerman’s Artisan Bread, a no-nut Black Magic Brownie and a Sea Salt Topped Pecan Blondie, Zingerman's Peanut Brittle, Holy Cow Beef Sticks, Virginia Diner Peanuts, and a nosher-sized version of our extremely popular, extremely good Sour Cream Coffee Cake.

Looking for more food? Try the Long Weekender for more all-purpose snacks, the Baked Weekender for a pastry party, or the Father's Day Weekender for a special assortment just for Dad.

"For a genuinely good variety of sweet and savory treats, give the Zingerman’s Weekender Gift Box.We particularly enjoyed the tangy sour cream coffee cake. Overall, this is a solid collection for snacking and would be appreciated at a gathering."
Anna Perling, Wirecutter

The Weekender Gift Box

G-WEE Gift Box, serves 6-8
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