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Teacher Appreciation Baked Goods Gift Box

Teacher Appreciation Baked Goods Gift Box

The most essential of essentials: teachers!

Anyone with kids can tell you about the importance of teachers. Especially during an epidemic when parents of all walks of life suddenly became homeschool teachers. It was (for most of us, anyway) a disaster. It was immediately clear how special and important teachers are to our community, culture and society in general. Not only do they teach our children the basics, the best teachers spark curiosity and creativity in our kids, coaxing them to be more than just parrots repeating lessons. They teach them to be critical thinkers who ask good questions and aren't afraid to fail. 

Listen to me! You'd think I came from a family of teachers (I do) and was married to a teacher (I am), but the truth is teachers make the world go round and they deserve to be appreciated. That's when Zingerman's pastries come into play. 

This collection includes our coveted classics: a Pecan Blondie, a walnut-studded Magic Brownie and a no-nut Black Magic Brownie, a Sky's the Lemon Cookie, a Ginger Jump Up Molasses Cookie, and an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

Give them more than an apple. They deserve it.

Teacher Appreciation Baked Goods Gift Box

G-TCA six pastries, boxed
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