Italian Artisan Gift Box

Mambo Italiano.

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Tuscany, or the dry, sunny fields of Sicily, or along the banks of mountain streams in the Piedmont, we’ve discovered some of our favorite Italian foods—the ones that have been made the same way for generations but rarely leave their hometowns. This collection is a culinary journey to those hard-to-reach spots and flavors.

We pack our colorful cartoon gift box with luscious fig preserves, a half pound of Piave Cheese, Bonajuto Chocolate Truffles with Cacao Nibs, Wild Artichokes in Olive Oil, Roasted Hazelnuts from the Piedmont, Taralli Olive Oil Crackers and Maria Colonna's Leccino olives.

There's been a small change we want to let you know about.

The recipe for Italian Artisan Gift Box has changed:

We temporarily ran out of Leccino Olives and Bonajuto 1880 Chocolate Truffles with Nibs so we've included
Cerignola Green Olives and Chocolate Covered Torrone.

Italian Artisan Gift Box

G-ITL gift box, serves 4-6
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