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Zingerman's Superior Scone Sampler

Zingerman's Superior Scone Sampler

Mother's perfect pastry.

My mother has been hooked on these for years. I bring her a few every time I visit. Sometimes I wonder if it's me or the scones she's more excited to see.

I can understand why. These scones are the real deal. An old fashioned treat made with fresh butter, cream and just enough flour to hold them together. Warmed for a few minutes in the oven they smell outrageously good. And unlike most brittle coffee shop scones, their texture manages to be fluffy and creamy all at once. 

We’ll get you hooked too. This cartooned box holds half a dozen scones—one each of our Country pecan & oat, Lemon, Ginger, Currant, Cheddar Herb, and Bacon Cheddar Scones—plus a little jar each of Preserves and Italian Honey. Each scone comes individually wrapped.

“Grandma wrote 'Thank you so much for the scones. I was hoping you would do that again this year! I will be inviting some of my friends in for coffee and scones next week. We will enjoy!'"
Sarah, Argyle, TX

Worried about having too many baked goods? All the scones freeze beautifully for longer term storage. Read more about how to store baked goods long term.


Zingerman's Superior Scone Sampler from Zingerman's Community on Vimeo.

Zingerman's Superior Scone Sampler

G-SCS 6 scones, gift boxed
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