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Rustic Peasant Bread Gift Box

Rustic Peasant Bread Gift Box

Attention crust lovers.

This box is for all those classic bread lovers out there, the ones who turn up their noses at Cinnamon Raisin and think Chocolate Cherry is for the birds. The ones who fight for crust. For them, we offer three of our most hallowed peasant loaves, the ones our bakers consider their crowning achievements. The gift box includes a loaf each of Paesano, Jewish Rye, and Farm Bread as well as our bread care freezer magnet.

"We received your bread as a gift, and it was the best bread I've ever had! My husband is Italian, and we've been to Italy, and your bread was even better than the bread there."
Sally, Kenmore, WA

Rustic Peasant Bread Gift Box

G-PEA 3 classic breads, gift boxed
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