Deli Deluxe Bread Gift Box

The breads we're known for.

These are the breads we built our reputation on. While we ship over two dozen types of loaves, these foundation breads have probably seen more tables than any other.

Indulge a bread lover you know by sending this box as a surprise. We’ll include a loaf each of Jewish Rye, Farm Bread, Better Than San Francisco Sourdough and Pecan Raisin. And we’ll make sure there are enough freezer bags for her to make long term storage arrangements.

"I received my first order from you today. I have ordered bread from all over the country and traveled to New York for bread. There is no need to travel or order from anyone else. This is good bread."
Leonard from Lansdale, PA

Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

There's been a small change we want to let you know about.

The recipe for Deli Deluxe Bread Gift Box has changed:

We temporarily ran out of Pecan Raisin Bread so we've included
Cranberry Pecan Bread.

Deli Deluxe Bread Gift Box

G-SAM-A 4 classic breads, gift boxed
ships 2 business days
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