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Inverawe Scottish Smoked Salmon and Trout Gift Box

Inverawe Scottish Smoked Salmon and Trout Gift Box

Highland smoked.

The Inverawe smokehouse lies at the dead end of an oak lined lane, downwind from the Campbell-Preston family’s centuries-old stone house. Walk past its black tar walls, keep the Awe river on your left, climb the foothill to Ben Cruachan, and you’ll leave tree cover quickly, coming upon hillocks of heather and gorse. You'll be surrounded to the north and west by Loch Etive, which empties, several miles west, into the Atlantic. The loch (lake), walled in by steep, treeless hills, holds the trout and salmon the family use. The forest along the road is where they collect windblown oak to fuel the smokehouse. It’s all as stunning and idyllic as it sounds and when I visited last spring I thought to myself, “You’d have to work hard to screw this up.”
I was overstating it of course. It’s actually quite easy to screw it up. It's difficult to smoke fish the way Patrick and his family do at Inverawe: with whole oak logs, employing no climate control beyond the fires they light. It’s the old way of smoking fish, rarely done today, and it’s quite tricky which is why, when the thermostat was invented, it was eagerly adopted.
They’re making the best smoked fish I’ve had in ages, and I’m excited to import their fish to the states for the first time. Their Scottish salmon is as delicious as you can imagine, but it’s the trout that you’re going to fall for. It’s the family’s favorite, their crew’s favorite—and mine too. The exquisite blue box, sporting the Royal Seal (the Queen is a customer) comes packed with a quarter pound each of oak smoked salmon and trout, plus a 12 ounce basin of their very popular salmon terrine. Ships frozen.
Arrives frozen or cool. Lasts for 3 weeks refrigerated, 12 months frozen. Serves 8 easily.

Inverawe Scottish Smoked Salmon and Trout Gift Box

G-INV 20 total oz of fish, gift boxed
Returning on or before June 8
Free shipping

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