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Tin of Tinned Fish

Tin of Tinned Fish

Going meta.

The folks at Ortiz made a limited run of a spun metal tin decorated with Ortiz art. (If you remember old potato chip cans it's about that size.)

We're filling the tin with—what else?—tinned fish.

A collection of our favorites including Ortiz's ridiculously popular Bonito Tuna, Cod-stuffed Piquillo Peppers, Portuguese Sardines and Mackerel, Smoked Mussels, Grilled Branzino, Oil Packed Anchovies, and Squid.

Empty the little tins into various dinners and snacks, save the big tin for holding secrets. For a fish fan, it's pretty hard to beat.

"Tinned fish gets a bad rap stateside, but the veritable treasures in Zingerman’s Tin of Tinned Fish, imported from storied producers in Spain, Portugal, and Italy, where they’re top culinary delicacies, will change any skeptic’s mind—or thrill a fish fan already in the know... Perfect for making instant tapas, bulking up a dinner, or emergency snacking, straight from the tin."
Crystal Shi, The Epoch Times

Tin of Tinned Fish

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