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Castello della Paneretta Olive Oil

Terrifically typically Tuscan.

Castello della Paneretta sits majestically on a Tuscan hillside. In fact, it's almost too typically Tuscan to believe, surrounded by fields of olive and cypress trees and rolling vineyards. 

The oil is also typically Tuscan: full flavored, fantastically fruity, green, gorgeous, delicious. It builds to a peppery peak that hits you in the front and back of the throat. A two-cougher, so to speak. So thick it pours from the bottle like cream, so delicious I find myself thinking of more dishes to use it with. 

The bottle is as compelling as the oil: tall, thin, housed in its own box. It makes a stunning gift.

Our current crop, picked and pressed in fall 2016, has a grassy aroma. The flavor starts a bit milder, like dried grass or hay, but then quickly erupts into a powerful, punchy, peppery kick in the back of the throat.

Zingerman's Food Tours is visiting Tuscany in October 2018. Join us for a behind the scenes journey to traditional food makers like this.

Castello della Paneretta Olive Oil

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