Petraia Olive Oil

Petraia Olive Oil

The wildest oil I've ever tasted.

Getting a scent of a just-poured sample, I knew instantly why Elia Pellegrino set aside many acres on his family farm in Puglia to grow organic olives for this extra virgin olive oil.

Although his non-organic oil, La Spineta, is robust, his Petraia oil has a big, intense aroma that simply astounds. It has an outrageous aroma of freshly cut grass and wild herbs. Its flavor is big, fruity, full and wild. Its finish is persistent, with lots of rambunctious pepperiness that characterizes good Pugliese oils.

This is consistently the boldest oil from our offerings, knocking the Tuscan pressings out of the "rustic and fruity" category they normally dominate. 

Extra virgin olive oil
Coratina olives
Rustic & fruity flavors
2023 Harvest. This oil is bold and full-flavored. It tastes like freshly cut grass with a black pepper spice that builds and builds into a lingering heat.


Petraia Olive Oil

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