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Tenuta di Valgiano Olive Oil

Tenuta di Valgiano Olive Oil

True Tuscan.

Although the Valgiano estate dates back to the 16th century, the energy on the grounds is relatively new. When I visited a few years ago, I was really impressed by the commitment Laura di Collobiano, Moreno Petrini and Saverio Petrilli had in making the ancient groves produce outstanding extra virgin olive oil. They've won numerous awards, including the prestigious Ercole Olivario. And they’ve won our customers’ hearts: this is consistently one of our most popular oils.

Valgiano is grown and pressed north of Lucca on the far west of Tuscany, about twenty miles inland from the Tyrrhenian sea. Lucca's oils have long been prized. In The Food of Italy (published in 1971 but still a great book for traditional Italian foodways), Waverly Root writes, "The greatest gastronomic glory of Lucca is its olive oil, the finest in Italy."

The 2018 harvest of Valgiano olive oil is exceptionally pleasant. The aroma is bright and fresh, with notes of grass, green banana, and citrus peel. The flavor begins quite mild and clean, then a gentle bitterness comes on. Slowly, the tingle of pepper grows in the throat until it crescendoes to quite a sharp kick in the finish.

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Tenuta di Valgiano Olive Oil

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