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I Lecci Olive Oil

Rarest of the rare.

Lake Garda is the northernmost point on the Italian map where you can make olive oil. Although the area is in the foothills of the Alps, the microclimate around the lake allows olive trees to thrive and bear fruit. Known to aficionados in Italy for its uniquely delicate, yet wonderfully flavorful, extra virgin olive oil, Garda oil is rarely seen outside the area. Only a handful of producers make it, and most make very little.  

Antonio Brescia is one of those committed producers. He makes around 2,000 bottles a year and sells them quickly. Although it doesn't say it on the bottle, Sr. Brescia's oil is organic. There’s no mark on the label "because everyone who knows me already knows it's organic."

Sr. Brescia's oil is unique in that it combines very delicate flavors with enormous complexity. It's pressed early in the autumn, when the flavor of the oil is at its most interesting. Most producers are reluctant to press so soon, since yields are still very small. It’s an almost angelic oil, delicate yet wonderfully rich. Because it’s so light, I Lecci is at its best on fish, salads or steamed fresh vegetables.

The 2017 harvest of this oil is exceptional. The aroma is grassy and hints at pepper, like arugula. The oil is incredibly creamy in the mouth. The flavor starts of smooth and buttery, then a green, bitter wave of flavor takes over. The peppery finish grows and grows for a long time. 

I Lecci Olive Oil

O-GAR 750 ml

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