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Agrodolce White Balsamic Vinegar

Agrodolce White Balsamic Vinegar

What white “balsamic” should be.

Sometimes we can predict foods that are going to be a hit. Chocolate Sourdough Bread was a no-brainer. And sometimes they catch us by surprise, like this. Agrodolce vinegar has been selling at incredible rates at our store despite the obvious fact that it’s not exactly inexpensive. Why? More than anything else, it’s exceptionally delicate, subtly sweet and really delicious.

It's crafted by Sante Bertoni on his family estate outside of Modena, Italy. Described as a bit of a mad scientist, Sig. Bertoni is giving the vinegar extra maturing just for us, making its flavor more complex before it hits your kitchen.

Agrodolce is super smooth, light on the tongue, subtle, and very, very long in the finish. You can use it in place of balsamic since it's similarly soft and sweet. Wherever it's employed, your cooking will be enhanced by one of the most elegant vinegars I’ve tried in a really long time.

"My pantry is incomplete without the stellar white balsamic... better than any other I have found and the backbone of my home made salad dressing."
Larry Olmsted, Forbes

Agrodolce White Balsamic Vinegar

V-AGV 500 ml bottle
Ships for flat rate

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