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Holiday Cheese Course

Cheese party in a box.

We'll hand cut and wrap three of our top selling cheeses the day they ship to you: Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Bayley Hazen Blue, and L'Amuse Gouda. We'll also stash some spiced pecans and a loaf of Roadhouse Rye along with it.

About a pound and a half of cheese, it'll serve twelve for appetizers or after dinner—or maybe a bit of both. Handpacked in our cartoon gift box.

We also have great American slate and Italian olive wood serving boards, as well as handmade Irish cheese knives.

Holiday Cheese Course

G-HOL Gift Box, serves 12 for appetizers
Returning November 2018

Slate Cheese Board

P-S518 5 by 18 inch board (my favorite)
Ships for flat rate

Slate Cheese Board

P-S712 7 by 12 inch board (most popular)
Ships for flat rate

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