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Effie's Crispy Corn Biscuits

Effie's Crispy Corn Biscuits

American cheese's best friend.

From their bakery just south of Boston, Effie's makes some of my all-time favorite crackers to pair with cheese, including these corn biscuits. Drawing inspiration from traditional American recipes, like cornmeal flatbreads and johnnycakes, the corn biscuits are light and crunchy, with a texture like a thick cracker and a deep cornbread flavor that's balanced between sweet and salty. In the finish, there's a hint of anise that serves to heighten the buttery, sweet corn flavor.

They're an ideal candidate to serve alongside cheese, especially traditional American cheeses like Cheddar, maybe with some fresh fruit like apples or grapes. Try them crumbled on chili or chicken tortilla soup. Grind them up and mix with a little melted butter for a new take on a crumble crust for cheesecake or ice cream pie. Or nibble on them straight from the box, maybe with a cup of tea.

Effie's Crispy Corn Biscuits

P-CKS 7.2 oz box
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