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Paesano Bread

Paesano Bread

Mike's favorite.

Mike is our Bread Captain and video director at Zingerman's Mail Order.

If I had only one word to describe Paesano Bread, it'd be “utilitarian.” Yes, that's not a very sexy depiction, but Paesano's strongest quality is that it's a multi-functional, pragmatic workhorse of a bread. The interior is thoroughly permeated with air-pockets. It's those pockets that make Paesano so versatile. They allow the bread to become infused with the flavors of whatever you serve it with.


It's perfect for sopping up leftover spaghetti sauce, for dunking in soup, or as a companion to cheeses or salami. It's sturdy enough to hold a sandwich together, but with a flavor subtle enough to not overwhelm your favorite sandwich makings. My sister slices off the top of the loaf, hollows out the inside, fills it with meats, oils, and roasted vegetables, puts the top back on, and slices the loaf to serve at parties. It's always a hit. Plus, Paesano is wonderful to eat just by itself — all the better to appreciate its soft, chewy texture.


Paesano bread is made with organic wheat flour and organic cornmeal.




"Your paesano bread... is absolutely delicious! When you advertise this bread, you should mention how perfect it is sliced and toasted with a poached egg and bacon. It really is the best toast I’ve ever had!"

Denise, Raleigh, NC


Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

Paesano Bread

B-PAE 1.5 lb loaf
Ships 2 business days

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