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Sweet Butter Tea Cake

Our classic coffee cake, without the nuts and cinnamon.

Okay, so we don’t exactly start with our classic and perennially most popular gift—the rich, moist Sour Cream Coffee Cake—and then take out the walnuts and cinnamon, but it’s pretty close.

Perfect for folks that get turned off by nuts, this tea cake may not have any extra ingredients inside, but it’s far from “plain.” Luscious, rich and buttery, made with organic flour, it’s great with morning coffee, afternoon tea or any other beverage-serving occasion. I’d send this one to an office where I wasn’t positive they loved nuts. Lasts a week or two after delivery, wrapped. It’ll still be soft and scrumptious, melting in the mouths of a hungry office staff or starving brunch brood, when they’re ready to open it.

Gift boxed in our wooden cheese crate or our fun, cartoon cardboard gift box.

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Coffee cake freezing and serving instructions.

Nosher Sweet Butter Tea Cake in Wooden Crate

G-TEA-S Nosher-sized, 6 inch diameter, serves 5-7
Free shipping

Nosher Sweet Butter Tea Cake in our Cartoon Gift Box

A-TEA-S Nosher-sized, 6 inch diameter, serves 5-7
Free shipping

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