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Tale of Two Oils Gift Box

Tale of Two Oils Gift Box

Provence and Puglia: an exploration of Europe's most storied olive oil regions.

This has long been one of our best-selling oil gift boxes because it shows with crystal clarity, even to a beginner, how flavors change in olive oils from different regions.

First there's Puglia: verdant rolling hills capped with crumbling stone castles, enormous T-bone steaks, and bold, grassy, peppery olive oils, like the one we've included from Poggio Lamentano. Then there's Provence: sun-drenched fields of lavender and sunflowers, ratatouille, and soft, buttery, rich olive oils, like the classic Maussane. Although they're only a few hundred miles apart, the olive oil they produce is at opposite ends of the flavor spectrum. 

By tasting and using them side-by-side in your kitchen, you'll experience the amazing impact region and geography have on fine olive oil. An intriguing oil exploration, a great gift idea for the traveler you know, or the cook who loves traditional French or Italian food.

The two 500 ml bottles of extra virgin olive oil are neatly packed in a cartooned gift box.

There's been a small change we want to let you know about.

The recipe for Tale of Two Oils Gift Box has changed:

We temporarily ran out of Maussane Jean-Marie Cornille Olive Oil and Petraia Olive Oil so we've included
Capirete Olive Oil and Il Molino Olive Oil.

Tale of Two Oils Gift Box

G-TWO Two oils gift boxed
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