OLV Olive Oil

First time in the states! Big, bold oil from La Mancha.

This is not oil for the faint of heart.  It’s got a big, bold flavor that comes on strong but finishes smooth.  I like to use it in flavorful dishes that can stand up to its intensity.  It’s fantastic over grilled steak or vegetables; on good bread with tomato and roasted garlic; in peppery salads.

This extra virgin olive oil is made from olives grown by the Flores family in La Mancha, the region in southern Spain that’s best known as the home of Don Quixote.  The Flores family is passionate about producing great oil.  When they decided to get their olive groves certified organic, they didn’t stop there: they also helped to inspire 87 of their closest olive-growing neighbors to go organic, too.

The current harvest, picked and pressed in fall 2016, has a clean, fresh aroma, like a meadow in springtime. The flavor is deep and earthy and reminds me of sweet dried hay. It has a prickly peppery finish that builds in the throat and tickles for a long time.


OLV Olive Oil

O-OBO 500 ml
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