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Preserved Honey Figs

Preserved Honey Figs

Pingo de mel.

Pingo de mel figs—"honey drop," so named because they drip sugar when they're ripe—preserved in sugar by the same nuns who make our Sugarplums. Where the sugarplums are special and traditional, appealing to those who have an interest in something different, these figs are a slam dunk for anyone who loves great candy or confections. They make a great gift for any food lover, age three to eighty-three.

Hold one up to the light. First, notice it's improbably heavy. Next, look how it glows from within. The texture is like a candied chestnut but not as chalky. The flavor opens up after you taste, the dominant note of caramelized honey goes on and on, lingering long after you swallow. I've never had anything like this. I'm pretty sure eating one made me high.

Preserved Honey Figs

P-HFG 9 figs in wood crate
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