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Peppy Peppermint Bark

Peppy Peppermint Bark

Betterment with peppermint.

I’m a sucker for traditions, especially when they’re this delicious.

Peppermint bark has been a Christmas staple for my family thanks to my great-aunt Caddy’s sweet tooth and love of Fannie Farmer’s confections. While I’ll never forget Aunt Caddy, this peppermint bark from Chocolate Signatures in Toronto has erased all memories of that other candymaker.

Dark Belgian chocolate is topped with white chocolate, then coated in a layer of crushed organic peppermint candies. Each slab of bark is nearly a quarter inch tall and thick with peppermint. The candy comes packed in a hot red tin.

Peppy Peppermint Bark

P-PBK 220 g tin
Returning October 2021

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