Chocolate Sourdough

For schoolchildren anywhere—and any age.

People tear into this bread like French schoolchildren, ripping off a hunk and eating it as soon as they get it out of the bag. But hold on. It's best when you pop it in the oven for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Your entire kitchen will be filled with the sensuous smells of warm chocolate and good bread. Word of warning: the smell attracts visitors. You can help those visitors feel even better about stopping by when you tell them it's made with organic flour.

Recipe tip: it's great topped with fresh cream cheese.

"Seriously, the best I’ve ever had. I found myself having four pieces of toast today for breakfast. Made the first two and then went back and cut two more slices. I’ll be placing mail orders soon! The Bay Area should be ordering their sourdough from you, and I’m sure some already do."
Ryan from Cleveland, OH

“Our tasters were surprised by how fresh the bread tastes and by the lovely melted chocolate bits inside.”
Roseanne Pereira, NPR.ORG

"One of my favorite indulgences is Zingerman's Chocolate Sourdough Bread. Though it sounds unusual, chunks of bittersweet chocolate and the piquant tang of sourdough are a brave and satisfying combination."
Lora Zarubin, House & Garden

Heat the bread when you're ready to eat. Click here for instructions.

Chocolate Sourdough

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