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Kozlik's Canadian Maple Mustard

Kozlik's Canadian Maple Mustard

Syrup and spice.

Kozlik isn’t the world’s oldest mustard maker, but they have been at it since 1948 which counts as a lot of experience doing one thing. They sell mustard seeds, mustard powders and make over thirty different flavors of prepared mustard at their shop in Toronto.

While the Kozlik name is well known in Canada and some parts of the U.S.’s East Coast, most of us in the states have never heard of them. It's our loss, because Kozlik's makes some incredible mustards that have a serious kick. For this maple mustard, they blend finely-ground mustard seed with water, vinegar, and Canadian maple syrup. The result is a sauce that's incredibly well balanced between silky maple sweetness and a powerful spicy punch that goes right up the nose. It's great on ham, as a glaze, as part of a marinade or sauce, or, as we all will arrive at evenutally, a sandwich.

Kozlik's Canadian Maple Mustard

P-KMM 8 oz jar
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