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Jaw-Dropper Gift Box

Jaw-Dropper Gift Box


A far-reaching and many-pleasing assortment of eat immediately foods, from pastries and cheese to cured meats and sapid sweets.

Includes our Walnut-studded Magic Brownie, a sea salt topped Pecan Blondie, Holy Cow Beef Sticks, a nosher sized Sour Cream Coffee Cake, a nosher Toasted Pecan Pie, a Classic Currant Scone, a jar of Tomato Achaar, Zingerman's Potato Chips, John Macy's Cheese Sticks, Sea Salt Caramels, Zingerman's Spiced Pecans, Tuna Stuffed Piquillo Peppers, Spicy Cashews, Virginia Diner Peanuts, a jar of Violet Mustard, Moroccan Olives, and a bag of whole bean Zingerman's Coffee.
All packed in our gigantic wooden cheese crate, re-purposes nicely as a puppy storage unit.


Jaw-Dropper Gift Box from Zingerman's Community on Vimeo.

There's been a small change we want to let you know about.

The recipe for Jaw-Dropper Gift Box has changed:

We temporarily ran out of Celtic Sea Salt Caramels, Violet Mustard, Spicy Cashews with Lime Leaves and John Macy's Cheese Sticks so we've included
Cardamom Orange Halvah, Kozlik's Canadian Maple Mustard, Roasted Heirloom Pepitas and Taralli Olive Oil Crackers.

Jaw-Dropper Gift Box

G-JAW Gift Box, serves 25 no problem
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