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Dinkelbrot Bread

Dinkelbrot Bread

German inspired.

Dinkelbrot is a German-inspired loaf that we learned to bake during a visit to Dresden. It starts with spelt (also sometimes called dinkel wheat), an ancient grain that's a cousin to modern wheat. Our spelt is grown here in Michigan, and we mill it freshly on our in-house stone mill the day we bake it into bread. We mix the fresh spelt flour with our rye starter, made with organic rye flour from Breslin Farms in Illinois. To round it out, the dough gets a bit of mashed potato to make it moist, a bit of honey to sweeten it up, and a touch of caraway, anise, and coriander. Then the loaf gets coated in a layer of crunchy sunflower seeds.

The result is a dense, moist, delicious loaf. It's great for sandwiches. I've been devouring loaves with only some good butter and sometimes the help of a toaster.

"My Dinklebrot was the hit of my church's fellowship coffee hour today as we did 'Breads from Around the World' as our refreshment theme.  In fact, my platter was the first to be empty!"
Sandi, Orland Park, IL

Dinkelbrot Bread

B-DNK 1.5 lb loaf
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