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Craquelin Bread

Craquelin Bread

Boosted brioche.

Step aside my six favorite Belgians—mussels, french fries, beer, waffles, chocolate and Poirot—Antwerp has given us something else to get excited about.

Craquelin is the national bread of Belgium. It's a buttery brioche made with organic flour, rolled up with fresh orange zest and sugar cubes soaked in Grand Marnier®. The additions form a sweet swirl inside each slice like a cinnamon roll and their dark orange flavors seep into the surrounding dough.

If it sounds great for breakfast you're right, it is. Some of our crew even call it "coffee cake bread" which gets to the spirit of the loaf, though its texture is much lighter.

Craquelin Bread

B-QUE 1.5 lb loaf
Ships 2 business days

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