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Michigan Breakfast Gift Boxes

Michigan Breakfast Gift Boxes

Smells like lakeshore in the morning.

Get the morning started with a taste of Michigan for a few or for a crowd.
The Classic Michigan Breakfast Box includes a loaf of supremely toastable Cinnamon Raisin Bread, a Currant Scone and a Lemon Scone, Sour Cherry Preserves to slather over all of those, plus a bag of Zingerman’s whole bean High Flyer Coffee.
The Deluxe Michigan Breakfast Box includes everything in the Classic Box, plus a tin of ten Cinnamon Rolls, a bag of freshly milled Wheat Porridge, Cornman Farms Pancake Mix, and Harwood Gold Maple Syrup.

Classic Michigan Breakfast Box

G-MIB Serves 4-6 for one breakfast, or 1-2 for days of morning munching
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Deluxe Michigan Breakfast Box

G-MIB-D Serves 8-10 for one big brunch, or 1-2 for weeks of breakfasting
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