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Chocolate Filled Plums

Chocolate Filled Plums

Velvet on the tongue.

There’s smooth, then there’s smooth. This is that one. Luscious, rich, indulgent, whatever else Roget suggests you can apply to these ganache-filled plums.
They come from the storybook castle Château de Born in southwestern France near the town of Agen, where they’ve grown plums for centuries. During the harvest, they take the fruit, dry it just long enough to concentrate the sweetness, then remove the pit and replace it with a ganache made from more of their own plums and silky Belgian chocolate.
Twenty-four chocolate-stuffed plums come preciously packed in a handsome red box. Julia Child would approve.

Chocolate Filled Plums

P-CPL 24 plums, boxed
Returning November 2021

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