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J. Patrice Box of Chocolates

J. Patrice Box of Chocolates

Chocolate works of art.

Jamie LeBoeuf has been working here at Zingerman’s for some time now, but her true passion is being a chocolate artist. From her studio in Ann Arbor she creates impressionistic confections from a rainbow palette of ingredients and colors.

Jamie and her small crew have created a signature line of six gorgeous chocolates you can only get from us. Each box features six precious bonbons: Salt & 5 Star Black Pepper Blend Caramel, Agrumato Orange, Midnight Sky, Hot Chocolate, Toffee Nut Latte, and Milk Biscotti.

As delicious as they are beautiful.

J. Patrice Box of Chocolates

P-JP6 Box of 6 chocolates
Current Price $30
Returning October 2024

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