Vanilla Plum Cream

Vanilla Plum Cream

Stupendous sweetener.

The countryside surrounding Bordeaux is most synonymous with grapes, but they aren’t the only fruit in town. Mixed among the vineyards are hundreds of plum orchards.

Plums have been grown here for centuries, and for much of their history were just as valuable as salt. The plums grown in the region are particularly large and flavorful, and, when semi-dried, can be kept as a stupendous sweetener all year long—a big deal in the days before refrigeration.

Today, the family at the storybook castle Château de Born take their plums, dry them just enough to preserve them, and then whip the plums into a luscious, spreadable cream with a bit of vanilla bean and a touch of sugar. The flavor is bright and clean and fruity, and the texture is silky and rich.

Use it like jam: Spread it on toast or croissants or crepes, dollop a spoonful on ice cream or into your oatmeal.

Gluten Free

Vanilla Plum Cream

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