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Chocolate Covered Fruit Jellies

Chocolate Covered Fruit Jellies

Gilded lilies.

What could be better than northern Italian fruit jellies with their direct, jammy flavors and ultra smooth texture? Covering those jellies in chocolate would be a good place to start.
That’s exactly what Guido Gobino, one of northern Italy’s premier bean-to-bar chocolate confectioners, has done. They took four different flavors of fruit jellies: pear, peach, sour orange, and tangerine. Then they covered them in chocolate they make themselves.
A luscious combination that balances neatly between the bright fruit flavors, the near gumdrop consistency of the jellies, and the smooth sweetness of the milk chocolate. The perfect gift for a sweets lover, full stop.
Kept in a cool, dry spot like a pantry, these chocolates will last for months on end—unless you're like me and you eat them all up in a few days.

Chocolate Covered Fruit Jellies

P-CFJ 16 piece box
Returning October 2021

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