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Lutenitsa Red Pepper Spread

Lutenitsa Red Pepper Spread

Slavic staple.

There are many versions of this type of sauce in Eastern Europe known by many different names (there’s a similar Serbian sauce called “ajvar”). In Bulgaria, where this one is from, it’s common to find it slathered on bread topped with feta cheese. The combination of the sweet sauce and the salty cheese with crusty bread is delicious.

A great late afternoon snack or as an appetizer before a meal with friends. You can use it as a sandwich spread with ham and cheese or atop sausages, or add a few spoonfuls to other sauces to add a sweet, slightly zesty zip.

"I am enjoying some fresh tomatoes from my garden and used some of the Lutenitsa Red Pepper Spread in the fresh tomato sauce.... sheer heaven. I've made three pans of fresh sauce and it is obvious to me I need to get some more spread."
Pamela, Brookneal, VA

Lutenitsa Red Pepper Spread

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