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Junmai Rice Wine Vinegar

Junmai Rice Wine Vinegar

Rich, round rice vinegar.

Of all the vinegars you can find at the grocery store, rice vinegar isn’t usually celebrated for having much flavor. Sharp, harsh, sure. But flavorful? Not so much.
Enter American Vinegar Works and this wonderfully complex rice vinegar that’s smooth on the tongue with flavor you notice in a good way. Made by fermenting junmai-grade sake from California in small batches in oak barrels, this vinegar boasts slightly savory notes balancing out the bright acidity you’d expect.
Use it as the base for vinaigrettes; it’s especially excellent with tomatoes, cucumbers, and bitter greens. Try it in marinades, sauces, and stir fries, too.

Junmai Rice Wine Vinegar

V-RIC 250 ml bottle
Ships for flat rate

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