Korean Gochujang Chile Pastes

Korean Gochujang Chile Pastes

Korean pantry staple.

You'll find gochujang (fermented chile paste) in every pantry in Korea. If you’ve ordered bibimbop at a Korean restaurant, you’d recognize it as the red paste served on the side that you mix into your bowl. It’s a savory and spicy spread beefed up with big notes of umami and it’s used in everything: sauces, marinades, dips, barbeques, condiments. 
Working in New York, Lauryn Chun and her team at Mother-in-Law's make this gochujang using traditional ingredients and techniques, including a slow fermentation. (The company name, Mother-in-Law's, is a nod to the Koren tradition that when a bride joins a new family, she learns her standard kimchi recipe from her new mother-in-law.) 
Original: Balanced heat with a complex, long finish. Use instead of tomato paste in your sauces, soups and marinades for a spicy kick. 
Garlic: The traditional sauce for bibimbop. Great with all types of meats, fish, dips and stir-fry.

Classic Gochujang Chili Paste

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Gochujang Garlic Sauce

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