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Lime Leaf Sambal

Malaysian staple.

Sambal is a spicy sauce found in cuisines across southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia. This version comes to us from New York by way of native Malaysian Auria Abraham. She combines chiles and peppers, garlic, oil, and Makrut lime leaves to create a sauce with the consistency of a relatively smooth salsa and a flavor similar to a green Thai curry, but more acidic. It's bright, fresh, has just a bit of heat that builds slowly from all the chiles.
In Malaysia, sambal is an all-purpose condiment. Use it anywhere you'd use hot sauce: eggs, noodle dishes, fried rice. Try it slathered over grilled meats or fish, or as a simmering sauce for shrimp or chicken.

Lime Leaf Sambal

P-LLS 8 oz jar
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