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Kozlik's Canadian Maple Mustard: Stephanie's Favorite

Syrup and spice.

Stephanie Keough splits her time between HR and working as a service star in our service center at Zingerman's Mail Order.

The first time I tasted Kozlik's Maple Mustard was at their charming shop at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. If memory serves, upwards of thirty mustards were on hand to try—and while I tried many of them—it was the maple that made it into my suitcase. Clearly I wasn't the only one excited about this unique and tasty mustard, as six months later it was gracing our warehouse shelves here at Zingerman's Mail Order. 
I love how thick and rich this mustard is, and I've found it to be quite versatile. While I use it most often on sandwiches and in vinaigrettes, I've also talked about sneaking it under the skin of a Thanksgiving turkey. This hasn't happened yet, mind you, but I have a feeling this could be the year!

Kozlik's Canadian Maple Mustard: Stephanie's Favorite

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