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Purim's prize all year long.

Hamentaschen are wonderfully scrumptious triangle-shaped, open faced cookie dough pastries usually eaten during the Jewish celebration of Purim. The rest of the year they usually disappear. It's clear Purim is much too brief a holiday to get your fill so we're making a move to bake them all year long. 

We load the simple real-butter and organic flour dough with an assortment of traditional fillings: vanilla bean cream cheese, poppy seed, and apricot. You can skip the tradition and eat them when you'd like: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, whenever.

Also available with a pair of noisemaking groggers to really ring in the Purim holiday.


P-HAM 12 pieces: 4 vanilla cheese, 4 poppy seed, 4 apricot, gift boxed
Returning January 2020

Hamentaschen with two groggers

P-HAM-G 12 hamentaschen, 2 groggers
Returning February 2020

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