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Italian Wild Cherries

Irresistibly packaged, seductively delicious.

Wild Italian cherries from Piedmont, prepared in small batches so they do not bruise, packed with syrup in a resealable glass jar. We bring in a small quantity each holiday and their fans gobble them up. 

I remember bringing the first jar to Christmas at home, spooning out individual fruits to top a crisp of cracker slathered with a gooey triple crème cheese whose name I forget. I kept at it for an hour—everyone wanted seconds and my family is big—and barely made a dent in the jar.
The cherries are pitted and ready for topping ice cream or yogurt, or to anoint a smear of rich, creamy cheese. They'll last indefinitely. A Zingerman's staff favorite for years.


Italian Wild Cherries

P-AGR-CHE 680 g jar
Returning October 2019

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