Smoked Cherries in Whiskey Syrup

Smoked Cherries in Whiskey Syrup

Luscious lovelies.

How the heck do you use smoked cherries? In cocktails? With cheese? Topping grilled meats? Yeah. That all sounds about right.

From the creative minds at Lemonbird Designs in California come these luscious, lovely Bing cherries in syrup. The fruit is lightly smoked, then allowed to settle in a simple syrup touched with a hint of whiskey.

The cherries slowly absorb the sweetness of the syrup, which balances the smokey notes and calms the whiskey burn, leaving you with a jar of complex, adult, smoky, sweet, utterly captivating flavor boosters. Boost away.

Note that the cherries are whole and contain their pits. Chew carefully.

Gluten Free

Smoked Cherries in Whiskey Syrup

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