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La Spineta Olive Oil

Bold, beautiful and unknown. A great value from Puglia.

Pugliese oils get little credit on the international oil scene. The region's reputation is that of a producer of affordable bulk oils. But hidden in the shadows of the huge industrial producers are artisans like the Pellegrino family. I visited their farm a couple of years ago, and I keep coming back to their full-flavored extra virgin olive oil again and again. There's a nose tingling grassiness that adds a depth of flavor to food. It's especially good in spicy pasta dishes or any place you want a really robust olive flavor.

The 2017 harvest has an aroma that hints at herbs, like rosemary. The flavor is of really good green olives. There's a big hit of pepper that hits in the throat right away, but then dissipates.

La Spineta Olive Oil

O-SPI 500 ml
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